Sunday, 14 October 2012

Lazy Blogging

I havnt managed to get a update for a while due to my fishing being dominated by carp fishing.

But a few photos and pieces of various chunks ive had recently from the syndicate at emperor.
Note: All fish taken on Ace Baits,

33lb 12oz common (This picture appeared in Carp-Talk and was awarded the Catch of the week)

40lb 12oz Mirror

25lb 8oz Common

I hope to get out and nail a few more on the lures before winter really closes in, and i'll be head stuck right into catching big winter carp.

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The latest

I havnt really been on top of the blog much recently. But have been doing a mix of bass fishing after work and on my days off carp fishing.

So the bass fishing hasnt exactly gone to plan and im only seeing schoolies nothing over 2lb but theres still time yet.

On the other hand the carp fishing been a little better, joined a new syndicate and on my 3rd overnighter I had my first fish. a beauty too. 37lb mirror, taken on Ace baits with a simple aliner rig fished on the edge of a gravel spot.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Back on the lures

I went down to local club water with floater gear for the carp and lure gear for the predators. After trying to find carp on the top I had no luck so went back to the car, grabbed the lure gear and set off for pike and perch. Due to weed alot of the lake isnt fishable on diving lures. On the 3rd move fan casting each swim i hit into first fish, after a decent fight a mid double pike on the bank.

I had another few casts in the swim and had a follow in from a upper single figure fish. After a couple more moves and bringing the lure next to sunken trees I was into my next fish, it felt abit smaller and brought a decent perch on the bank, quick photo and put him back.

I didnt have any more takes and the carp wernt playing ball on the surface after my effort on lures either. So ended the session on that.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

when everything went right

So this year my carp targets are 30lb+ Mirror, 30lb+ Common and a carp caught from moving water.
I went to a soth west resivour in search of the first two targets. either or would do me fine.

I set up on the teeth of a brand new wind hoping fish would move onto the wind. got the rods out and within the first hour i was into my first fish a upper 20 fish put up a good fight but the hook pulled close to the net. Being pretty pissed off and thinking my only chance to catch could have gone i got the rod back out and within a hour of it being out again the bobbin pulled up tight, 15minutes later i pulled a decent common over the net. On the scales she went 31lb 0oz. a right result! Buzzing that id just got a new pb and got one of my goals, me misses took some photos for me.

The rest of the evening was quiet, around 11pm had a bream off the same rod, and at 12pm it went ripping off again this time a 21lb mirror in the net,

At 3am I had another fish of 19lb then nothing else through the rest of the morning. At about 3pm the next day i was being pestered my a morhen, the bobbin pulled tight to my alarm and the bird came to the surface, took me a second to realise that it was no bird that had picked up my hookbait, was into a decent fish which put up a very good fight while swimming for the marginal cover constantly. After 15mins or so I had a big mirror in the net. After lifting the net buzzing it looked another 30! Got her up on the scales and geeza few swims down took some snaps. She went 31lb 8oz on the scales! Things literally couldnt get any better!!

After that i was literally as happy as i could get, didnt even feel the need to carry on fishing so packed up around 9pm and went back to me misses.
All in all the best carp session so far!

Friday, 13 April 2012

Piking Again

Back on the pike again, went off in search of chunks with Paul and photographer Pip, It took a while of plugging to get amongst the first fish but after a few moves first cast in a new swim saw a pike snap at the lure last second but miss it, I recast the lure over the fish again and it nailed it, A short fight later and had a pike  on the bank around 8lb. The fish was promptly unhooked and released back into the water. Unfortunately no more fish come out to myself or even Paul.
Thank you to Pip for taking some good pictures.

Images Courtesy of Pip

Image courtesy of Pip

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Carp at last

Went to the club water for 24hours in search of a chunk or two, fair few people on the lake even being mid week. Wanted to go in a certain swim after looking around and seeing a few fish but someone was already in it. Settled for a swim that allowed me to cover a expanse of water on a floating platform. With the rods out on the spot i was confident of picking a fish or two up. Early part of the night saw my bobbin pull tight to the alarm thought it was a bream take hit into it, the rod arched over with a fish on.. few solid thumps later and the fish come off. Not a good start.
Morning come around with still no fish in the net.. Noticed one or two patrolling around a nearby snag, but the fsh seemed to be spooking when they got near my bait, a little adjustment later and it saw the rod ripping around with a fish on. A pretty savage battle from making sure the fish didnt go in the snag and pulled a carp into the net. She weighed 23lb 15oz.. At last a carp on the bank! Only problem is my camera had run out of battery so only had enough juice to get 1 quick photo in.

Here she is

Hope that luck continues next time i get out carping!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Beating the blank

So went with Paul to emperor lakes for 24hours, first time fishing it and we blanked. But with it being a sunny sunday we decided to use the afternoon up Pike fishing at the local. First swim casting the lures out didnt produce anything, so we walked along the bank abit, waded out and continued fanning the lures out in the swim, next thing a small tap on the rod tip and fish on. A short fight later and a 14lb Pike on the bank.. except.. in the process of putting the fish on the bank i trod onto a short sharp reed and it put a hole right through the sole of my waders.. Not happy at all! as if a reed stem can poke its way through the sole of a boot!!

After continueing fishing I ended up having another Pike around the 5-6lb mark, Then bumped into other friends Rich and Chris who were also Lure fishing. Rich was off the Mark and already had 1 roughly the same size as my latter fish, but while fishing with them Rich managed to get himself a few more fish toped with a 8lb 13oz?? pike, well done mate! To cut a long story short it was a beauty of an evening with not a breath of wind on the lake and the sunset creating an image itself and I ended up loosing a fish not far from the end of the session.